Recorded Webinar: Putting the Civil in IFC – IFC 4.3 and Civil Infrastructure

Professional Development Manager Matt Rumbelow and International Interoperability experts Jon Mirtchin and Scott Beazley discuss the role of IFC and why IFC 4.3 is the game changer for Civil Infrastructure projects in particular.

The introduction of IFC 4.3 (ratified as ISO 16739) will have profound implications for the BIM industry on the whole, and Civil Infrastructure projects in particular. IFC 4.3 will ensure greater interoperability among various BIM software, facilitating collaboration and data exchange across disciplines and contractors.

IFC 4.3 marks a significant step forward in the standardisation and evolution of BIM processes. For instance, IfcAlignment, is a key element of the IFC 4.3 standard, providing precise descriptions for longitudinal objects in infrastructure projects. This represents a significant step forward, enhancing the accurate portrayal of route lines within the standard.

Furthermore, the IFC standard provides functionality for object placement along alignment lines with precision in both horizontal and vertical dimensions. It supports distance determination along the alignment and offers functionality for precise kilometerage calculations along the route.



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