With Autodesk’s new 2025 releases of their software range, we explore what’s new across 4 popular products: AutoCAD, Map 3D, Civil 3D and Infraworks. This webinar was presented by Rachael Murray, a qualified civil engineer who has worked in local government and the private sector. 

This webinar covers numerous new features in the 2025 releases including:

In AutoCAD (0:16):

  • New boundary-less hatching
  • Updates to the Trace tool
  • Three AI driven improvements

In Map 3D (12:30):

  • Updates to coordinate systems and the Workflow tool

In Civil 3D (14:05):

  • Surface and Corridor workflow improvements
  • Dynamo improvements In Infraworks
  • Tunnel and bridge improvements

In Infraworks (21:55):

  • Changes to tunnels and bridge structures

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