With reality capture technologies and outputs fast becoming a deliverable for Architecture, Engineering and Construction projects, surveyors and engineers are needing to understand how to create, utilise and manage point clouds. By watching this recorded webinar, you will learn how reality data can be managed with Autodesk Recap and utilised in your current Civil 3D, Revit, and Infraworks projects. It will delve deep into processes and techniques to help transform laser-scanned data into precise 3D models.

It’s tailored specifically for those looking to enhance their expertise, stay abreast of industry standards, and leverage the latest in technology to streamline project workflows. This webinar represents an excellent opportunity for professionals to refine their skills in point cloud management, ensuring their projects not only meet modern surveying and design expectations.

The webinar is presented by Matt Rumbelow (BIM Advocate and Education Manager at Civil Survey Solutions) and Eric Richie (Reality Capture Specialist) who was an early member of the Autodesk ReCap team and worked until recently as a Reality Capture Product Manager for the Leica Geosystems part of Hexagon.

0:00 – Capturing Reality for the Civil Industry

1:00 – Speaker Introductions

1:46 – House Keeping

2:15 – Safe Harbor Statement

2:45 – Matt Rumbelow intro

3:30 – Civil Survey Solutions intro

4:36 – Eric Richie intro

6:43 – Autodesk Civil Infrastructure showreel

7:57 – The Reality Capture revolution

13:34 – BLK360 first look – WeWork video

14:31 – One more thing with Apple.

16:25 – Autodesk Recap workflows

23:24 – Recap Mobile end of life

25:41 – Millar Merrigan – Case Study

26:58 – Geosurv Case Study

29:45 – Citipower Case Study

35:06 – WGA Case Study

38:51 – Autodesk Pointfuse acquisition

50:00 – Gandy and Roberts Case Study

53:33 – Thank you and close

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