Shane, our Technical Services Manager, is an accomplished civil engineer who has been a vital part of Civil Survey Solutions since 2010. Shane’s journey began in local government where he spent more than six years honing his skills and experience. During this time, he was involved in the delivery of the council’s capital works program, which included the design and delivery of a variety of projects such as local area traffic treatments, road widening, underground stormwater improvements, and major intersection remodelling, alongside managing building design and construction projects.

In his position as Technical Services Manager, Shane is pivotal in providing our customers with technical support and training in the AEC sector. His commitment to his role is evident in his approach to work, where he leads our technical team. This team’s focus on staying at the forefront of software development and enhancements, ensures that they are in the best position to support our customers and to share the latest knowledge and technologies.

Outside of work, Shane enjoys attending live music events, bicycling and spending time with family. He is also our office ‘Jam Dealer’ as his wife Melissa makes the best jam you have ever had!

We feel very privileged to have someone like Shane on our team and we know that his experience and knowledge have been incredibly beneficial to our customers.

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