Introducing Ryan, our Customer Success Manager at Civil Survey Solutions. He joined our team just under a year ago and has brought a wealth of experience from his time working within the Autodesk sphere.

Ryan excels in connecting with clients, understanding their challenges, and finding ways Civil Survey Solutions can contribute to their success. His role is crucial in ensuring our solutions meet and exceed customer expectations. Ryan’s broad skill set, approachable nature and sense of humour have made him an invaluable asset to our team.

Outside of work, Ryan’s time is spent primarily with his young family, doing all the Dad things! As a Brisbane boy, he follows most Brisbane sporting team except the Broncos. Having lived in Melbourne, he also has a soft spot for the Carlton Blues. His favourite thing to do is to play golf, although he admits that he is not a very good golfer. He doesn’t mind a cheeky beer at the pub with the lads as long as there is an adequate supply of tomato sauce for the chips as he can’t live without it.

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