InfoWorks ICM’s recent integration with Civil 3D is a notable advancement for the engineering community, particularly for those involved in water management and urban development projects (Did you know we recently announced a partnership with Urban Water Solutions?). This collaboration bridges the previously existing gap between design and hydraulic modelling, streamlining the workflow and enhancing project efficiency and accuracy.

Traditionally, there has been a separation between the design process, typically conducted in Civil 3D, and hydraulic modelling in InfoWorks ICM. This division often resulted in inefficiencies and a higher risk of discrepancies due to the isolated nature of the two phases. However, with the new integration, data can be smoothly transferred between Civil 3D and InfoWorks ICM, ensuring that the design and modelling aspects of a project are in sync. This seamless data exchange facilitates real-time updates, meaning changes in design are instantly mirrored in the hydraulic model, reducing the likelihood of errors and inconsistencies.

The integration works by allowing engineers to export Civil 3D pipe networks and then import them directly into InfoWorks ICM. This process not only saves valuable time but also ensures the hydraulic model reflects the exact design specifications. Once in InfoWorks ICM, engineers can leverage its robust modelling capabilities to simulate and analyse various scenarios, providing critical insights for decision-making and optimising the design for real-world conditions.

For engineers, this integration translates into a more efficient design process, enhanced accuracy in modelling, and ultimately, better project outcomes. The ability to quickly and accurately model hydraulic systems within the context of their designs allows for more informed decisions and a more streamlined project lifecycle. Additionally, this collaboration fosters a more integrated approach to project development, promoting teamwork and a shared understanding of the project goals and constraints.

Both our team and our partners at Urban Water Solutions are excited about this integration as it marks a significant step forward in the field of engineering design and modelling. It not only simplifies the workflow but also enhances the quality of engineering projects by providing a more cohesive and accurate approach to integrating design and hydraulic modelling. This development is especially beneficial for those working in sectors where precision and efficiency are paramount.

The Civil 3D to InfoWorks ICM integration is only available in InfoWorks ICM Ultimate.

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