Civil Survey Solutions and Urban Water Solutions: Uniting to Elevate Innovyze Users’ Experience in Australia

Civil Survey Solutions and Urban Water Solutions are proud to announce their groundbreaking partnership, offering unparalleled support to Innovyze software users in Australia. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our commitment to enhancing the capabilities and success of professionals in the water and civil engineering sectors.

Innovative Collaboration for Advanced Support

Innovyze, renowned for its cutting-edge water infrastructure modelling and management software, plays a vital role in Australia’s water and civil engineering landscape. Recognising this, Civil Survey Solutions and Urban Water Solutions have joined forces to provide a combined wealth of knowledge and expertise. This partnership is a game-changer, ensuring that users of Innovyze in Australia receive the highest level of support and resources.

The Benefits: Empowering Users Like Never Before

Our partnership is designed to bring a host of benefits to Innovyze users:

  • Comprehensive Support: Gain access to an expansive support network, blending software and urban water management expertise.
  • Specialised Training: Participate in tailor-made training programmes crafted to help you unlock the full potential of Innovyze software, thus enhancing productivity and project outcomes.
  • Expert Consultation Services: Tap into our collective wisdom for bespoke consultancy, addressing the unique demands of your projects.
  • Seamless Software Integration: Receive guidance on integrating Innovyze solutions into your existing systems for smooth, uninterrupted operations.
  • An Elevated User Experience: Our partnership is dedicated to refining your experience with Innovyze software, making it more efficient, user-friendly, and results-oriented.

Industry Leaders Unite

“We are thrilled about this collaboration with Urban Water Solutions,” says Ben Hipsley of Civil Survey Solutions. “Our combined strengths will offer unmatched support and expertise to Innovyze users in Australia, helping them excel in their projects and contribute significantly to advancing our country’s water infrastructure.”

Stephen D’Agata from Urban Water Solutions adds, “This partnership stands to benefit Innovyze users greatly. Together, we are positioned to offer a comprehensive suite of services, empowering users to effectively address the distinctive challenges in urban water management.”

Your Future with Innovyze: Brighter and More Productive

This alliance between Civil Survey Solutions and Urban Water Solutions embodies our unwavering commitment to delivering value and spurring innovation in Australia’s water and civil engineering industries. Innovyze users can now look forward to a future that’s not only brighter but also more productive.

For more information, questions or queries, please reach out to Ben Hipsley

About Civil Survey Solutions:

A leading provider and Autodesk Gold Partner, Civil Survey Solutions has been at the forefront of supporting the Australian civil engineering community for 25 years with innovative and superior software solutions.

About Urban Water Solutions:

As a distinguished engineering consultancy, Urban Water Solutions specialises in hydraulic modelling, system analysis, and master planning for water supply, sewerage, and stormwater systems, both in Australia and internationally.

About The Author

Ben Hipsley

Ben our Autodesk Business Manager and a structural engineer, has experience with renowned firms including Opus International, SMEC, and WSP, specialising in bridge design on notable projects such as the Pacific Highway Upgrade. Using his technical expertise, he advises on leveraging Autodesk products to enhance productivity.

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