Autodesk’s ReCap Pro 2025 introduces significant enhancements that are set to transform how professionals in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry manage large-scale point cloud data. This release focuses on streamlining Scan2Design workflows and improving integration with leading design tools.

Enhanced Scan2Design Workflows

A major update in ReCap Pro 2025 is the advanced feature extraction capabilities. Previously, extracting 3D features such as ADA ramp and driveway geometry from large point clouds required intensive manual effort, often resulting in time-consuming and error-prone processes.

Now, ReCap Pro 2025 revolutionises this aspect with automated template-based feature extraction. Users can automatically identify and extract linear features with approximately 95% accuracy, significantly reducing the risk of human error and expediting workflows.

Seamless Integration with Industry-leading Tools

The extracted geometries can be easily imported into other Autodesk tools like Civil 3D, InfraWorks, and Revit. This enhanced interoperability ensures smooth transitions from raw data to sophisticated design models, supporting modern AEC projects’ collaborative and multidisciplinary nature.

Coloured Scan Data Import from Faro Focus Premium Scans

ReCap Pro 2025 also allows the import of coloured scan data from Faro Focus premium scans, adding depth and clarity to the visualisation that aids significantly in data interpretation. This feature is crucial for professionals requiring precise and detailed digital assets to inform design decisions.

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