InfraWorks 2025 brings upgrades to bridge and tunnel design workflows, enhancing visualisation, improving algorithmic precision, and boosting collaborative efficiency. 

Here’s a closer look at the key enhancements:

Enhanced Tunnel Design

  • Portal Visualization and Terrain Editing: Designers can now craft realistic tunnel portals directly in InfraWorks, moving away from the use of generic objects. Additionally, terrain can be removed with a single click, streamlining the modification process.
  • Algorithm Optimisation for Tunnels: We’ve revamped the algorithm that adjusts tapered tunnel rings to align with ground contours, effectively eliminating cruciform joints. This update minimises the risk of errors and reduces rework.

Collaboration and Workflow Integration

  • Unified Design File Paths: Changes in design elements, such as bridge decks or girders, are now instantly accessible to all team members via consistent file paths. This enhancement, supported by Autodesk Docs, ensures that updates made by any designer are available to the entire team, facilitating a smoother collaborative process.

Advanced Tendon Design

  • Custom Tendon Integration: Engineers now have the flexibility to introduce custom tendons not previously included in the InfraWorks library. These can be imported into Autodesk Structural Bridge Design (ASBD) for detailed girder analysis, enhancing design precision and expanding analytical capabilities.

Revit Integration

  • Revit Bored Rings: InfraWorks 2025 allows for the creation of bored rings directly in Revit, integrating them into the InfraWorks library for further manipulation. This feature keeps the rings editable throughout the documentation phase in Revit, simplifying last-minute adjustments and saving valuable time.

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