Civil Survey Solutions is happy to announce the release of Autodesk Civil 3D 2025. This update introduces an array of innovative features aimed at enhancing productivity, simplifying complex processes, and accelerating project delivery times. Our team is working through this release and will be providing more detail, so keep an eye out for that, but for now see a summary of the new features below.

Improved Corridor Baseline Selection

A new corridor baseline selection interface in Civil 3D 2025 allows for quicker selection of multiple alignments and feature lines from the design file. This feature simplifies the process of setting up complex, multi-baseline corridors. The selection filter, which sorts by name, style, and layer, along with options to name unnamed feature lines or exclude them, streamlines design tasks and improves workflow efficiency.

Streamlined Coordinate System Interface

Assigning coordinate systems to drawings is now more straightforward with an updated interface. The GEOS assign function makes it easier to select the correct project coordinate system and vertical datum. This update not only adds to the coordinate system library but also integrates with ESRI mapping features for better geolocation accuracy.

High-Resolution ESRI Mapping Features

New ESRI mapping features accessible through the geolocation tab include aerial views and street maps. These high-resolution maps offer detailed and accurate project insights, enhancing the planning and design stages.

Performance Improvements

Civil 3D 2025 sees notable performance improvements in opening, saving, regenerating details, and rebuilding corridor models. Enhancements in handling large design files lead to reduced project timelines. Furthermore, MS files now update only with surface changes, conserving processing time.

Civil Survey Solutions is thrilled to present the latest advancements in Civil 3D 2025, the industry-leading civil design software. In this video, we provide a summary of the innovative features and enhancements that are available for you today!

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