AutoCAD 2025 has just been released. If you are an AutoCAD user, you might have received a notification in your software, or through your Access App. AutoCAD LT 2025 has also been released. Our technical team is hard at work evaluating the new release, so keep an eye out for our take on AutoCAD 2025, and our tips and tricks to help you benefit from the new features.

Smart Blocks: Object Detection Tech Preview

Improve design efficiency and save time when cleaning up drawings by automatically recognizing objects to convert into blocks with the help of Autodesk AI.

Smart Blocks: Search and Convert

Quickly search your drawings for objects to convert into instances of a newly defined block, an existing or recently used block, or a suggested block from your Block Libraries with the help of Autodesk AI.

Activity Insights Updates

Access to essential design data with detailed multiuser event logs—tracking for over 35 activity types including version history and file comparison tools.

Hatch Improvements

You can now add texture to your drawings through patterns, fills, and paths—without predefined shapes or enclosed boundaries.

Markup Import from Autodesk Docs

Import and connect PDF markups from Autodesk Docs. Once synced, markups made in Autodesk Docs will continue to update in a Trace layer.

ArcGIS® Basemaps

Access five Basemaps in the form of high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery, OpenStreetMaps and Streets, along with light and dark Gray monochrome map styles.

Civil Survey Solutions are thrilled to present the latest advancements in AutoCAD 2025, the industry-leading software for computer-aided design. In this video, we provide a summary of the innovative features and enhancements that are available for you today!

0:00 Opening

0:06 Smart Blocks: Object Detection Tech Preview

0:49 Smart Blocks: Search and Convert

01:37 Activity Insights Improvements

03:09 Hatch Improvements

04:13 Sync Markups from Autodesk Docs

05:35 Autodesk Assistant

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