Civil Survey Solutions attended the National Roads and Traffic Conference 2023 as an exhibitor. The company showcased its Autodesk software solutions and Civil Site Design within the infrastructure sector. There were exhibitors and presentations from many disciplines within the infrastructure industry, including technology, traffic management, road maintenance, operations and asset management. 

We were able to network with industry professionals and potential customers, as well as demonstrate the capabilities of both our Autodesk and Civil Site Design software solutions. By attending the conference, we gained valuable insights into the latest trends in the infrastructure industry. For example, there was a lot of focus on intelligent transport systems, engineering and construction trends, traffic management, project management, parking, sustainability, tunnelling, road safety, and women in the industry. 

Overall, Civil Survey Solutions was pleased to attend the National Roads and Traffic Conference 2023. As we are committed to providing our customers with the most up-to-date information and solutions, attending conferences such as this provides an excellent opportunity for our team to stay ahead of the game.

About The Author

Ben Hipsley

Ben our Autodesk Business Manager and a structural engineer, has experience with renowned firms including Opus International, SMEC, and WSP, specialising in bridge design on notable projects such as the Pacific Highway Upgrade. Using his technical expertise, he advises on leveraging Autodesk products to enhance productivity.

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