What is changing?

Beginning 13 November 2023, some changes will be made to how you purchase and renew your products.

In Summary: 

In the new buying process for subscriptions, we, Civil Survey Solutions, will provide a quote to you and continue to be involved in all phases of the pre-sales and post-sales experience except for the actual payment transaction, which happens directly between you (the customer) and Autodesk. 

From November 13th 2023, the transaction for the payment of your subscription will occur directly through your Autodesk Account portal as follows:

  • Quotes and Invoices for both New Subscriptions and Renewals will be issued from us at Civil Survey Solutions unless you have automatic renewal active within your Autodesk Account.
  • Your payments will be accessible inside your Autodesk Account and payable via credit cards, PayPal, or direct debit.

What does the change mean for me?

If you are an end user of Autodesk software – absolutely nothing!

If you manage the licensing and procurement of Autodesk software for your business, there will be some changes as outlined above. If you have any questions regarding the impact of these changes, please contact us sales@civilsurveysolutions.com.au 

Who does the change apply to? 

The changes apply to all subscriptions of Autodesk products Australia-wide as of the 13th of November 2023. However, there are some types of account holders, such as local government, that the changes may not be applicable to. We recommend reaching out to our team sales@civilsurveysolutions.com.au, if you are unsure of whether these changes will affect your subscription. 

How do I manage my renewals going forward? 

When you transact in the new buying process, you will be set to “Auto-Renew” automatically. We recommend that you choose to turn this feature off if you would like to continue accessing our services of support and training, as these will only apply to those who transact through us directly and not automatically renew through their Autodesk Account. As a reminder, choosing a 3-year term will lock in your pricing for the duration of the contract.

How do I manage new subscriptions going forward? 

For all new enquiries, we encourage you to contact your account manager at Civil Survey Solutions as your first point of contact. We can review your account and assist you in generating the appropriate quotes for your new subscription requirements. As your Autodesk solutions partner, we are able to review all your current subscriptions and ensure any requirements for new software are quoted with the most cost-effective solution. 

What about my Civil Site Design and/or Stringer licenses?

These products are locally developed and distributed by Civil Survey Solutions and are therefore, not inherently impacted by these changes from Autodesk. However, going forward, you will be receiving separate quotes and invoices for your Civil Survey Solutions and Autodesk products.

To maintain the discount you receive off your Civil Site Design and Stringer products, you must turn off Auto-Renew through the “Subscriptions and Contracts” tab of your Autodesk Account. We will then process your Autodesk subscriptions and be able to maintain your current discounts.

What will NOT be impacted?

  • Your Civil Survey Account Manager is still your best first point of contact for all Autodesk-related enquiries
  • Your access to our technical services and support teams will not be affected as long as you maintain your renewals through us. 
  • Civil Survey Solutions will remain a critical part of managing your Autodesk services, including pre-sales advice and post-sales support such as onboarding and technical support. 
  • There will be no changes to your current software subscriptions as this is only applicable to the administration of the account, not the actual products. 

About The Author

Ben Hipsley

Ben our Autodesk Business Manager and a structural engineer, has experience with renowned firms including Opus International, SMEC, and WSP, specialising in bridge design on notable projects such as the Pacific Highway Upgrade. Using his technical expertise, he advises on leveraging Autodesk products to enhance productivity.

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