Changes to Licensing:

Due to Autodesk’s adoption of .NET8 architecture in their 2025 release, we have changed to a new licensing system developed by Soraco (QLM). We are confident that a transition to the new licensing system will not inconvenience customers. 

The nominated subscription manager and/or software co-ordinator within your organisation will receive an email with all the information relating to accessing V25 license keys from the new customer portal. 

For more information about our new licensing system read our blog post

How to access the new versions: 

Your Civil Site Design and Stringer Topo V25 software is ready to download:

Download Civil Site Design V25  

Download Stringer Topo V25 

The software will operate for 30 days in evaluation mode. 

How to Activate an Evaluation

V25 license keys are being issued to the Subscription Manager or Software Coordinator in your organisation.

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