Civil Survey Solutions attended the IPWEA SA Asset Management Symposium on November 8th.

The symposium brought together Asset Management Practitioners to discuss industry trends and best practice. Presentations included a look at the local and international landscape presented by Ashay Prabhu and Dr Kyle Wedberg representing the United States Government Finance Officers Association. This was a great opportunity to hear what was happening internationally and how locally we are still leading the way when it comes to Asset Management around the globe.

We had presentations about Asset Management Information Papers that are being developed to support metropolitan and regional Local Governments to build asset maturity within their organisations. We were able to hear from a Council that has been working to better develop Community Based Asset Management and a panel session discussing the first round of ESCOSA reviews that have occurred as a result of the recent Local Government Reforms.

VAPAR and Knowledge Asset Management also presented current data collection techniques that are making use of AI, machine learning and other technologies to streamline data collection processes and provide high accuracy and cost effective collection solutions.

The event was organised by Ben Clark, The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) SA Vice President, and Director, Infrastructure and Environmental Services with The Barossa Council and Sean Lewis, Executive Manager, SA at IPWEA SA

Ashay Prabhu, International Advisor Government Finance.

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