Many of our customers use Autodesk Innovyze products such as InfoWorks ICM and InfoDrainage. The Autodesk Water team have put together product-based information hubs to provide users with a centralised location for information and resources. 

As a customer of Civil Survey Solutions and our partners Urban Water Solutions, we are your first point of contact for any support queries, training or questions you may have regarding your software or licensing. However, these information hubs are a great resources for the latest release notes, download and license information, help documentation, known issues, learning courses, scripting resources and product roadmaps.

About The Author

Ben Hipsley

Ben our Autodesk Business Manager and a structural engineer, has experience with renowned firms including Opus International, SMEC, and WSP, specialising in bridge design on notable projects such as the Pacific Highway Upgrade. Using his technical expertise, he advises on leveraging Autodesk products to enhance productivity.

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