In the ever-evolving landscape of Civil Engineering, there’s one acronym that’s revolutionising the field: BIM. Building Information Modelling might sound familiar, yet its depth and implications within the Civil Engineering domain remain a mystery to many. “Constructing the Future: BIM for Civil Engineers” is the first in a series of webinars that seek to demystify, enlighten, and equip Civil Engineering professionals just like you.

This discussion will outline both the significance of BIM for Civil Engineers, as well outline current and future toolsets within the Autodesk workflow, including: Demonstrate the significance of BIM and its role within Civil Engineering both currently and in the future.


Matt Rumbelow

Shane O’Rourke

Todd Brewster

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About The Author

Matt Rumbelow

Matt has a prominent digital construction background, working with top solutions providers such as Leica Geo Systems, Trimble and Autodesk. With 20 years in construction mentoring, he passionately drives industry advancements in software, legislative updates and has a keen interest in BIM.

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