Coming soon to the AEC Collection is a cloud-based design software called Forma for early stage planning and design. This product is valued at $1,445 a year and will be included in the AEC Collection at no extra cost. 

So what is Autodesk Forma? 

Are you familiar with the old product Spacemaker? Well Autodesk Forma is the new and revised version with more capabilities and scope to assist planning and design teams deliver projects digitally from the very beginning. It uses conceptual design capabilities, predictive analytics, and automation to make solid foundations for your projects.



Some of the key capabilities and functions of Forma are: 

  • Connection with Revit – AEC Collection Subscribers can benefit from the interoperability feature between Revit and Forma. It allows users to send data with one click from Forma to Revit.
  • Real-time analytics – Greater real-time insights into your site and its surroundings with AI-powered analyses for key factors such as sunlight, daylight potential, wind, and microclimate.
  • Make and evaluate – Model complex design concepts in full 3D in just minutes. Test and evaluate multiple design solutions, and optimize for a multitude of constraints.
  • Automatic datasets – Forma sources specific datasets such as terrain, buildings, and boundaries (select markets only).
  • Smart design tools – Draw fluidly in 2D and 3D with dynamic tools that automate functions and takeoffs while you design.
  • Parking design – Rapidly get relevant parking metrics including number of parking spots and access driveways.
  • Powered by cloud computing – Continue to design while you run analyses in the cloud. See the results in seconds or minutes.
  • Import and export – With support for file formats, including IFC and OBJ, move your work to and from other AEC software.
  • Free viewer access – Share your projects in the cloud with team members, regardless of subscription status.

When can I access it? 

Autodesk Forma is being rolled out across licence holders of the AEC Collection over the coming months. Unfortunately, it isn’t currently available to all accounts and we can’t provide you with an exact timeline of when it will be available. You will be notified via a email similar to that of your order confirmation email, once your account has been activated. Please keep an eye out for this email as it is easy to miss. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 

Keep an eye out for our August Technical Newsletter where our team will give you a valuable insight into how this new software can be utilised.


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