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  1. When I try to activate the licence, I get a message that I’ve exceeded my authorisation limit
    • Please contact us via the support system to request an additional activation:
    • If using a standalone licence, please try returning the licence from the old computer and try again.
  2. I receive the following error when a workstation is trying to access the licence server:
    ‘Licensing Error: An error occurred while verifying you licence: Error: Invalid URI: Invalid port specified…’
    • Confirm that the Licence Server is running
    • Confirm that the correct Port is open (see below for port details)
    • There is an issue with IPv6 networks. The IPv6 network needs to be disabled for each workstation.  See Appendix 2 for details on how to do this
  3. I received an error while activating my licence, what now?
  4. The network server is showing the licences are there, but the clients can’t reach them
    • Infralution uses TCP ports 19396, 19395 and 19394 to communicate within the LAN environment, please ensure you open these up on your Firewall.
    • These ports must be open on BOTH the network server AND the client workstations
  5. I received an error saying unable to connect to Authentication Server:
  6. I can’t find the software you’re asking me to install
  7. Please visit the Civil Survey Solutions Customer Centre for the latest updates and downloads
  8. Behind a proxy Server
    • If you are behind a proxy server and have previously had issues activating your licence with our automatic system, please note that we have made changes this year to improve this system and you should now be able to get a licence.
  9. If you have network licences, make sure you are running the latest version of the CSS Network Licence manager:
  10. Stuck? Lodge a ticket online using our Support System if your issue isn’t covered by this installation guide.