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Standalone Licensing & Activation

Installations of Civil Survey Solutions Software such as Civil Site Design (CSD) and Stringer Topo (STR) are activated from inside the CAD environment (known as Online Licence Activation).

Special Note: You will need to have an internet connection to complete online licensing activation.  If you can’t obtain an internet connection, please see the Offline Licence Activation section (below). 

Online Licence Activation (with Internet Access)

  1. To begin the activation process run any of the product commands, or click on the Licence Activation command.  The following screen appears:

Below are the licence activation methods for Evaluation and Standalone (inc. home use and student) customers. 

Software Evaluation

  • To begin your free evaluation period of 30 days, please click Continue Evaluation.

Note: Once the 30 day Evaluation Period has expired, you will be required to Enter a Serial Key or Use a Network Licence to continue using the Civil Survey Solutions Software.

Standalone/Home Use/Student Licence Activation

  1. To activate your Standalone Licence, click the Enter a Serial Key button. 
    The following form will display:
  1. Paste your Serial Key (License Key) and then click the Install Licence button on the right (this will become active once your Serial Key is pasted in).
    • This will activate your licence automatically using our online activation service. Once finished, the Licence Status will change to Licence Installed.
    • Your software is now licensed.
    • Note: for a Home Use Licence or a rental Licence, the Licence Status will display the licence expiry date.
  1. Close the screen and run any Civil Survey Solutions application command.
    • This activates the current version of your Civil Survey Solutions application for use (either permanently or for a set period of time, depending on your licence type).
Licence Activation Unsuccessful?

If you receive the error message ‘Unable to connect to Authentication Server’ when you attempt to license, please proceed to the Standalone Offline Licence Activation section below.

Offline Licence Activation (Limited / No Internet)

This is normally only required if sufficient internet connectivity/access cannot be obtained for the computer on which the software is installed.

There are 3 steps in this process:

Step 1. Attempt Activation and Save the Licence File

Firstly, follow the normal steps for activation as detailed above (Steps 2 to 3 in the Online Licence Activation section).  This will generate a licence file locally on your machine and prompt you to save.

On the Install Licence form, the Save Licence button will become active.

  1. Click on Save Licence and save it to a location that you have write access to.

Step 2. Licence Authentication from a Remote Computer

Next you activate your serial keys online, and create your licence file/s manually.  This can be done on any computer with internet access (does not need to be done from the computer you are installing the software on). 

  1. Go to the web licence activation service:


Note: The link ‘activate Licence via the Offline Activation webpage’ will take you directly to the offline activation service.

  1. Click on the button Choose File and choose the licence file you generated in Step 1. Attempt activation and Save the Licence File.
  2. Click on Authenticate and save the authenticated licence file to a location that you have write access to. 
    Note: do not save directly to the licence file location.

Step 3. Save the Licence and Activate

Now that you have an authenticated licence file, the last step is to save it to your computer and activate.

  1. Ensure that your CAD program is closed
  2. Rename the authenticated licence file you saved in Step 2 to CSSStandalone.lic
  3. Save this file to the licence file location:
    • For all V23 version products
      • C:\ProgramData\CSS\CSD 2023\Licence, for Civil Site Design or CSD Siteworks
      • C:\ProgramData\CSS\Stringer Topo 2023\Licence, for Stringer Topo    C:\ProgramData\CSS\Site Leveller 2023\Licence, for Site Leveller
      • C:\ProgramData\CSS\<Civil Survey Solutions Software Name> 2023\Licence, where <Civil Survey Solutions Software Name> is the name of the software installed.
  4. Restart your CAD package and run any command from the Civil Survey Solutions product you have just installed.

Should you continue to experience issues activating your licence, please use this link for licensing support:  http://support.civilsurveysolutions.com.au/index.php?/default_import/Knowledgebase/Article/View/81/0/license-activation-error-infralution