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Deactivating Your Standalone Licence

You can deactivate your standalone licence (Serial Key) from one computer in order to re-activate on a new computer using that same Serial Key (limited to once every 60 days).  To return the licence:

Step 1. Access Licence Activation form

Firstly, run the Licence Activation command from your CAD software ribbon or toolbar.

Step 2. Licence Authentication from a Remote Computer

Click the Return Licence Activation (Deactivate) button to bring up the confirmation message.

Step 3. Confirm Licence return

Click Yes to deactivate the licence from the computer. 

Note: If you have already deactivated the licence in the last 60 days this process will only deactivate your computer and will not enable activation of the same licence on another computer.  For additional Licence deactivations/reactivations, please lodge a technical support request: http://support.civilsurveysolutions.com.au/index.php?/default_import/Tickets/Submit/RenderForm

Step 4. Re-Activate Licence on new Computer

Install the licence on the new computer using the same Serial Key and instructions as above for Standalone Licensing.