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Preparing for Installation and Licensing

Do I need local Admin access during installation?
  • It is strongly recommended during installation and licensing.
  • You would need to open full read/write access to a number of directories and sub-directories – if you would like to pursue this option please Submit a Support Request
What permissions do I need to run the software and licence?

Is my machine x64 or x86?

Network or standalone?
  • Check the information/email you received with your Serial Key – the Serial Key is issued to the Subscription Manager at your organisation and can be found in the Civil Survey Solutions Customer Centre: https://customers.civilsurveysolutions.com.au 
  • Is this the latest version of the Software?
    • Click on the Licence Activation command available from the menu/ribbon of the installed application to check the Licence Version.  If it says 2023, then you have installed the latest version. 
      • If you do not see a Licence Activation command then it is likely that you are running a previous version of the software.  You may be able to confirm by opening the Welcome Screen in Civil Site Design or opening the About command in Stringer Topo
    • You can download the latest software updates and Network Licence Manager from the Civil Survey Solutions Customer Centre: https://customers.civilsurveysolutions.com.au
What happens if I encounter any problems?