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Step 4: Client Workstation Installation and Licensing

Please Note: The Software Installation process on the client workstation is the same for both Standalone and Network licence types. 

This process is applied for each workstation being connected to the network licence for the required Civil Survey Solutions application.

Software Download Options

The latest version of the software is available from the following sources:

Download from the Customer Centre
  • Using your Serial Key for access, you can download from the Civil Survey Solutions Customer Centre:
Software Download Link
  • Civil Site Design includes a Welcome Screen (splash screen) at startup, showing both the current version and providing a Download link to directly download the latest version of the software.
Welcome Screen screenshot

Firewall Configuration on the Client Workstation

The Infralution Network Licence Manager uses the following ports for communication across the network:

  • 19396 for Civil Site Design
  • 19395 for Stringer Topo
  • 19394 for Site Leveller
  • 19393 for Stringer ASPEC

The relevant port/s must be open on each client workstation (and the server) in order for licensing to be established and maintained.

Note: If the required port is not open, you should receive an error message that the machine is actively refusing the connection.

Ensure that port 19396, 19395, 19394 and 19393 is allowed through your firewall.   If you are unsure how to do this please contact your network systems administrator.