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Step 3: Network Licence Verification & Offline Activation

Online Licence Verification (with Internet Access)

Verify the licence/s is/are installed correctly by clicking the Check Licence Status button.

This will display if the licence is installed, what year the licences are for, how many licences are available, how many licences are in use and which users are currently using the application.

Once you confirm that the licence server is up and running with available licence/s, it’s time to install on the client workstations.

Offline Licence Activation (Limited / No Internet)

These steps are normally only required if internet connection to the online licensing service cannot be achieved using the Network Online Licence Activation steps above.  If the error message ‘Unable to connect to Authentication Server’ displays when you attempt to license, then the below licence activation method can be used.

Attempt Activation and Save the Licence File

Firstly, follow the normal steps for network online licence activation as detailed above (in the Network Online Licence Activation section).   If the licence activation fails, a message to this effect will display.

Upon licence failure, a licence activation file is created locally on your machine and the Save Licence prompt will be active. 

  1. Select Save Licence and save it to a location that you have write access to

Obtain Licence Authentication from a Remote Computer

Next, you activate your serial key/s online and create your licence file/s manually.  This can be done on any computer with internet access (does not need to be done from the computer you are installing the software on).

  1. Go to: http://licensing.civilsurveysolutions.com.au/IWS/AuthenticateFile.aspx
    Note: The link ‘Activate Licence via the Offline Activation webpage’ will take you directly to the offline activation service
  1. Click on the button Choose File and choose the licence file you generated in the steps under the heading Attempt Activation and Save the Licence File.
  2. Click on Authenticate and save the authenticated licence file to a location that you have write access to. 
    Note: you cannot save directly to the normal licence file location, as access will typically be denied by Windows.  Save the file to any location on your computer.

Save the Licence to the Server and Activate

Now that you have an authenticated licence file, the last step is to save it to your computer and activate.

  1. Rename the file to:
    • CSD.lic for Civil Site Design
    • STR.lic for Stringer Topo, or
    • SL.lic for Site Leveller
    • Aspec.lic for Stringer ASPEC
  2. Copy/Move/Save the file to the licence file location:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\CSS\Infralution 18+

Licence activation is complete.  Please refer to Online Licence Verification above.