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Step 2: Network Licence Activation on the Server

Now that the Network Licence Manager has been installed onto your server, it is time to activate your licence(s).

Special Note: You will need to have an internet connection to complete online licensing activation.  If you can’t obtain an internet connection for the machine that you’ve installed the software on and require an offline licence activation, please refer to ‘Network Offline Licence Activation’ below. 

The Civil Survey Solutions Infralution Network Licence Manager is managed via a small utility program that has a shortcut placed onto the desktop during installation.  The shortcut is named CSS Licence Manager.

  1. Right click the CSS Licence Manager desktop shortcut and click Run as administrator
    Special Note: Please do not skip this step as it is critical to successful licensing activation.

The following form will display:

  1. In the CSS Network Licence Manager, click the tab of the product you wish to install.
  • Each tab is broken down into 3 steps:
    • Install Licence Service: Creates the licence service, which is required for administering the licences.  This supports licence activation and ongoing licence management. Note: You must be running as an administrator to install the service.
    • Enter a Serial Key: Used to activate your licences and add them to your licence pool
    • Check Licence Status: Allows you to check the status of your licences – how many are available and number in use

*There is also an advanced setting section where you can bind the IP address that the network licence manager returns the licences on. See Appendix 3 – Set Network licence manager IP address Binding for more information.

  1. Click on Install Licence Service for your Civil Survey Solutions product. 
    On success:
    • The Install Licence Service button will be hidden
    • The Uninstall Licence Service button will display to enable removal of the service, and
    • The Enter Serial Key button will be enabled.
  1. Click the Enter Serial Key button.
  1. Enter or paste your Serial Key (Licence Key) and then click the Install Licence button on the right (this will become active once your Serial Key is pasted in).

This will activate your licence/s using our online activation service.  Once finished, the Licence Status will change to Licence Installed.

  1. Close the screen to return to the Network Licence Manager to confirm availability of licences for distribution.

Continue to Step 3: Licence Verification.

Licence Activation Unsuccessful?

If you receive the error message ‘Unable to connect to Authentication Server’ or similar when you attempt to license, please proceed to the Network Offline Licence Activation section.