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As part of our commitment to make our customers the leaders in their industry, Civil Survey Solutions have developed a free number of applications to enhance your design experience using AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Model Viewer Standalone has now be replaced with Model Viewer | Design Review. Click for more details.

Model Viewer Standalone provides offline viewing of models you create using the Model Viewer tools in Civil Site Design or Stringer Topo.

In your authoring CAD platform, open Model Viewer to view the model you want and run Output > OBJ Output to create files able to be read into Model Viewer Standalone.

With Model Viewer Standalone, you can import any .obj files to build up your own visualisation experience.

The software installs as a .exe on your computer and can be opened as per any installed program in Windows.

Section Maker is a free application that creates best fit sample lines through Civil 3D points, with options to create adjusted points to align with the sample lines and create an adjusted surface.

COGO points can be created along the sample lines, by using the original points near the sample line and projecting to align with the sample lines.

The adjusted surface is created using points residing along the sample lines. When you take cross section views through the sample lines and you’re picking up surface grade breaks for offset sampling in the bands, you don’t get extra sampling with breaklines crossing the sample line between the points.

Feature Line Grader is a free application that automates applying planar grades to feature lines. With the Feature Line Grader you can quickly and easily set levels on any feature line by picking a start point and elevation, setting a grade and a grade direction. This tool then uses the level and grade information to automatically assign levels to each vertex of the feature line.

This grading tool is a fantastic addition to the current elevation editing tools of feature lines and has some immediate applications for all sorts of grading designs such as car parks, recreation reserves, and more.

Alignment Zoom is a free application that navigates you to alignments at select chainages.

If you have an alignment of significant length, this is a very handy tool to focus on a particular chainage location along the alignment. As you type in new chainage values or step chainages using the arrows, the drawing zoom updates. As you change alignments the drawing zoom updates. There is a play button to scan through the chainages at a selected speed.

You will find Alignment Zoom located in the “Add-ins” section of the ribbon. Alternatively, you can run the command by typing “ALIGNMENT ZOOM” at the Command Line.


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