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Building Information Modelling (BIM): What is it?

What is BIM (Business Information Modelling)?

By now, we’ve all heard the hype about #BIM (Building Information Modelling).
But what is BIM actually used for?

Simply put, BIM is used to design and document building and infrastructure designs. A 3D model is created to capture every detail of the building and infrastructure. This model can be used to:

– Analyse and explore design options
– Optimise designs for performance
– Create visualisations (like photorealistic renderings, animation or even Virtual Reality)
– Communicate between stakeholders using a common and shared data set
– Generate design documentation for construction

Depending on the maturity of BIM implementation, software and project information is increasingly becoming live, cloud-based, interoperable and platform-agnostic.

Do you use BIM for your projects? Has it changed your work and had an impact, and if so, how? We would love to hear from you.